Pastor Removes A Lady’s Pants From His Pocket Instead Of A Handkerchief In His Church – (Video)

The pastor in your picture has been recorded on camera removing a lady’s pants from his pocket instead of a handkerchief in his church auditorium.

This happened during the worship session in the church. Watching the video carefully, you can see that the congregation are in the mood for worship, however, some of them have opened their eyes.

In the course of the worship, the pastor was sweating and wanted to wipe his sweat. He put his right hand into his pocket looking forward to pulling a handkerchief out, however, pulled out a lady’s pants instead. He was not aware that he pulled a lady’s pants out. As a result of this, he used the pants to wipe the sweat on his face.

After this, he was seen waving the pants in the air. It was after this that his wife and some members of the church noticed that their pastor is using a lady’s pants as a handkerchief. The facial expressions on the faces of the entire congregation show that they are really disappointed in their pastor. The man of God was so ashamed and went to take his seat.

Some of the church members were seen ignoring the worship to discuss the pants in the pastor’s hand. The questions are; The pants belong to who? Is it for the pastor’s wife or his side chick? How did the pant end up in the pastor’s suit? What will the church members think of the pastor? This is probably a movie but it has a lot of lessons. You can continue to sin but once your cup becomes full, everything in the dark will come to light.


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