Patapaa Begs Zionfelix For Forgiveness After A Terrible Night

Patapaa insists he is married to Liha Miller, Zionfelix slammed for interviewing Patapaa's wife, Patapaa records diss song for Zionfelix, apologises after barely a day

‘No Woman No Cry’ chorused by Bob Marley appears to have been adopted by Patapaa in his latest post which contained an apology to Zionfelix.

For the Ghanaian musician, “No woman, no problem” and so although he fought the blogger for allegedly causing marital hiccups, he apologises unreservedly.

“Zion, if I have said anything bad between you and my wife, I am sorry… I will not talk about you and women again…last night was very bad, no women, no problem,” Patapaa wrote on his WhatsApp status.

The musician had in several interviews with the media accused the blogger of having an interest in his wife, Liha Miller. The basis of Patapaa’s argument was after rumours were rife that the less than two-year-old marriage had hit the rock, the blogger hurriedly flew to German to interview his wife about the issue although the rumours were untrue.

Zionfelix had shared a video clip of himself and Liha on Instagram as he built anticipation for the interview. Unlike followers of the blogger, Patapaa was irked as he fumed with rage, Go Onlinegh observed.

“It’s because of this guy I don’t want to see my wife again. He is the problem between my wife and I… I don’t want to talk now but it’s time for me to talk. Everyone should be careful about this guy, calls himself a blogger. He’s the one causing problems in my family,” Patapaa asserted.

The Swedru-based musician’s remarks triggered a reaction from Zionfelix who noted that he cannot be blamed for any mishap between the couple, stressing that he only went to interview her.

“I don’t have anything to do with the wife. I don’t know what is going on between him and the wife. I’m just a celebrity and lifestyle blogger. I also do interviews and I went to the wife to interview her as I’ve done with many other people,” he said in a video with the caption “He should leave me out. I only went to interview her and that was it. Patapaa should solve his issues and leave me out.”

Regardless, Patapaa’s fury would not be doused. He labelled Zionfelix a ‘Homonizer’ [Womaniser] and went ahead to release a diss song for the blogger.

A day after releasing the song, Patapaa apologized to Zionfelix saying “it’s not because of a woman that my life will be short”. He has vowed to not talk about Zionfelix and Liha anymore.

No divorce

When the divorce speculations began, Patapaa rubbished the rumours on Kastle FM affirming that they were still husband and wife.

“You know that my wife is a white woman from Europe but not permanently based in Ghana and besides she’s a nurse. So, she has gone back to make more money abroad and I’m also making money here in Ghana that’s why you’ve not been seeing her these days,” he said in the interview.

Liha, also mentioned in her interview with Zionfelix that there was no iota of truth in the rumours. In fact, she mentioned that she misses Patapaa because of how jovial he is. Shocked by the rumours, Liha mentioned that it may have been fueled by her decision to return to her country, Germany. She noted that the decision to relocate to Germany was well thought through adding that there was a consensus.

“He can’t come and sit with me working at the hospital together, he’s not a nurse. I understand it and I respect his work because we talked about it at the beginning that he will still continue to do his music,” she noted.

While admitting that every marriage has its own problems and theirs is no exception, Liha whose decision to not wear her ring has contributed to the speculations said: “The fact that I don’t wear my ring always doesn’t mean we are divorced and even if our marriage is troubled, nobody has the right to talk about it and make recommendations for us, except ourselves and parents.”

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