Pizarea Dine With Bloggers To Appreciate Them For Their Hard Working Throughout The Year

Pizarea Dine With Bloggers


As part of the festivity celebrations, Ghanaian online food ordering service platform, Pizarea has engaged bloggers across the country in a dine.

The engagement was to appreciate the works of these bloggers throughout the year as well interact with them on the way forward with regards to the brand, pizarea.

Appreciating the bloggers at the get together in Accra with the theme: ‘Respect the Blogger’, the Head of Marketing, Ms. Mandi Laryea acknowledged the numerous contributions of the bloggers as well their unique skills of marketing the Pizarea brand.


Your creative and unique writings about the Pizarea brand has made us one of the online food delivery service platform’, she added.

Therefore urged them to continue promoting the Pizarea brand on their various social media and blogging sites.



Some of the bloggers shared their experiences and how best they can continue supporting the Pizarea brand to be one of the best and reliable online food delivery service platform.


Pizarea an online food ordering platform developed by SourceCode Network is available as a mobile application on the Google Playstore and as a website.

The mobile platform enables people to access nearby restaurants, browse their menu, place orders with them and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Also have several restaurants on the platform with varieties of menu items available including local (Ghana food) and continental cuisines. Pizarea is within Accra, Tema and beyond.

Some of the prominent restaurants featured on pizarea are Eddy’s Pizza, Papa’s Pizza, Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant, Noble House Chinese Restaurant, Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, H-Street.

With the existence of Pizerea, an online food delivery service platform, one can now conveniently place an order and will be delivered to his doorstep.

Pizarea, we make online food ordering a delight. Order with Pizarea anywhere, anytime.



Source: www.thenewindependentonline.com

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