Police Hospital morgue stinks; lab shuts down

The Police Hospital morgue is stinking like a sewer, compelling the Hospital’s laboratory to shutdown.

The stench from the morgue engulfs the laboratory and reaches other units of the facility.

A source at the Hospital attributed the situation to a large number of unidentified bodies at the morgue, with some fridges broken down.

The source said the situation had persisted for about a month.

The GNA and other clients who visited the lab Wednesday morning were turned away by an Officer.

The Officer said the lab was shut down because the offensive odour from the morgue was not good for the staff and patients.

Police Hospital morgue stinks; lab shuts down

He said he was not sure when the situation would be addressed.

The GNA observed that clients who were aware of the situation were in nose masks, those unaware, buried their noses in their palms as they rushed out of the space.

Madam Stella Kumedzro, an Environmental Health Analyst, said the discomfort created for patients and staff of the Hospital was unacceptable and may trigger some allergic reactions.

She said the situation could also lead to grievous housefly infestation.

She said the fluid draining from the decomposed corpses may contain chemicals such as formalin, which if not sanitarily disposed off may predispose people who came into contact with the chemicals to health challenges like cancers.

Madam Kumedzro said the fluid, containing chemicals, may also pollute the soil and end up in water bodies after a downpour.

She advised the Hospital to contact the Environmental Health Office for processes leading to mass burial of the corpses.

Mr Douglas N. A. Tagoe, Greater Accra Environmental Health Regional Director, told the GNA that his office was going to instruct the Hospital to decongest the fridges immediately, disinfect and deodorise the Unit.

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