Prophet Kofi Oduro Serves Strong Notice To Teachers, Reveals What God Told Him About Their Strike

Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and head of Alabaster International Ministry, has issued a direct appeal to the pre-tertiary teachers who are striking.

Prophet Oduro highlighted that Ghanaian teachers must be fair to the government in his sermon this morning. He continued by saying that while their demand for the government is legitimate, the timing of it is really poor. He continued by saying that God had sent him to order the instructors to return to the classroom and instruct since what they were doing was improper.

The instructors took a heavy beating from Prophet Kofi Oduro when he disclosed that despite living in the residence for almost a year, they were being paid a salary. He further stated that no private company in the nation pays teachers or other employees who don’t show up for work.

Later, he attributed this strike action to the administration. He denies that the nation’s payment system is equitable. He clarified this and said that when regular workers witness the benefits politicians receive in their roles, they are compelled to demand the same.

This comes after pre-tertiary institution teachers announced an ongoing walkout against the administration. Following the challenges in the nation, the strike is intended to pressure the government into providing them with a Cost of Living Allowance.


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