Russia And Ukraine Must End Their War Nyame Somafo Yawoh Commands


The end of days messiah, Nyame Somafo Yawoh commands Russia and Ukraine to stop the war between them.

According to the messiah, it’s mandatory for them to stop the war due to the third holy temple he has come with.

“I am Nyame Somafo Yawoh who is known in the bible as Shiloh. There is a Prophecy that when the Shiloh comes, he shall bring peace to the world, and will eventually end war among nations. This shall be due to the third holy temple I have come with. The world must be at peace. Now, where ever there is war, especially between Russia and Ukraine must put an end to the war. The Russians should get back to their country and settle the issue amicably. All nations such as America and other nations will stop the wars because it’s mandatory so that the world enjoys calmness and peace. Disguised terrorists who portray themselves to be notorious Arabians and also suicide bombers will all come to an end and the world will know that God has really sent me and there’s no doubt about it. Thank You.”

He said these in the local dialect (Fante)

Watch the video below:


For further inquiries: Contact Nyame Somafo Yawoh at +233277126308 or +233543466275

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