Self-styled preacher who wanted to deliver prophetic message to president arrested

Police in western Kenya have arrested a self-proclaimed preacher who recently said he wanted to meet President William Ruto to deliver a prophetic message.

Joseph Chenge of Jerusalem Mowar Church was arrested on Wednesday evening alongside 11 members of his church in Ruri village, Homa Bay county.

Homa Bay criminal investigations officer Abed Kavoo said they were holding Mr Chenge in suspicion of promoting questionable religious teachings.

Mr Kavoo said preliminary investigations had revealed that the cleric was detaining sick people at his church in the guise of praying for them. Five patients were rescued from the preacher’s church, local media reported.

Police said Chenge’s church operations were illegal, as it was not registered. The preacher and the arrested members of his church are due to appear in court on Thursday.

On Sunday, Mr Chenge told journalists that something unfortunate may happen to the country if he failed to meet President Ruto within 21 days.

The arrest of the preacher comes amid crackdown on suspicious churches in Kenya, following the death of more than 200 in a doomsday cult in coastal Kilifi county.

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