Senior Man Leila Reveals Why His Kind Of Comic Videos Are Deadly

Senior Man Leila (L) NantanQueena (R)

Social media sensational comic actor known as ‘Senior Man Leila’ who’s kind of comic videos are very dangerous and deadly has revealed some reason why his kind of videos are very deadly.

According to Senior Man Leila, he does not want anyone to imitate or copy his style of comedy, so he try’s his best to always do his kind of comedy videos the extra ordinary way.

Senior Man Leila videos are very funny but it is risk taking because of how he falls into gutters most of the times, falling from higher heights, crushing walls and so many thing that puts his life in to danger. sighted Senior Man Leila in an interview and he says he does all this kind of videos to entertain people. He added that he does not get hurt when he is acting though there are no special animation editing in his videos so his fans should not get worried about him.


Watch full interview below:


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