Stay away from sex if you want to live longer – Uncle Ebo Taylor

Highlife legend Uncle Ebo Taylor has shared a few tips for staying younger and healthy. He told Giovani Caleb on 3FM Drive that minding his business and eating lots of fruits has added to his life span.

Uncle Ebo added that having too much sex can have a toll on one’s health. The 86-year-old, who recently returned to Ghana, after his world tour, inspires many with his vitality and strength.

Despite suffering from a diabetic condition which has affected his eyesight, he performed on international stages in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and the likes. His secret? Generally care for one’s health by eating well, having less sex and having no enemies.

When asked if sex is part of why he looks younger, Uncle Ebo Taylor replied, “ No, rather you should stay away from sex. I don’t have enemies.”

As one of the pioneers of the Ghanaian highlife genre, Uncle Ebo has been working on his studio album for the past 10 years. He responded that the long wait is due to his process where he allows the songs to come to him. He disclosed that he doesn’t force the process and appreciated his band for continuous support and dedication.

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