Tips To Saving Your Marriage And Relationship

These are few tips to saving your marriage and relationship. It works.

Popular marriage counsellor and teacher, Dr K. N. Jacob has given out several tips on how individuals can save their marriage and possibly relationships.
According to him, men hate to be controlled and disrespected.
as such, women must accord them the necessary respect.
“Lady, talk highly of your man.
Stop gossiping about your husband with women who don’t respect marriage.
Stop comparing your man with other men. Instead, appreciate his efforts.
Allow him to lead.
Men hate being controlled.
Never shout at him.
Speak to him in a respectful tone.
Never manipulate him $exually.
Make sex and food a non-issue in your home.
Be faithful to your husband.
Men can’t stand a cheating wife.”
Likewise, men must be warriors for their wives and also be faithful to them.
“Gentleman, fight for your marriage.
Don’t allow anyone to attack your wife.
Provide to your family.
Make your wife feel secure.
Plan your money together.
Never be accused of unfaithfulness.
Be faithful to your wife.
Compliment your wife’s body, dressing, cooking and even bedtime.
Act responsibly with your children.
Associate with responsible men.
Pray for your marriage.
Let God be the head of your family.”

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