The Church Is Not Mandated To Support Gospel Artistes – Socrate Safo

Many believe the church, with its resources, can manage or support talents in the music industry to break through and become successful in their career, but Socrate Safo thinks otherwise.

The Director of Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture, Socrate Safo, disagrees with industry players asking churches to establish record labels to nurture gospel musicians.

In the view of Socrate, the aole purpose of the church is to win souls for Christ, as the Bible states, and not manage talent.

He stated that it behoves talents in the church to seek support from the leaders, but the church is not obliged to help them.

“I think the church is there to win souls for Christ. That is the only purpose! When God called his apostles, he commissioned them to go and preach and baptize those who will believe? What else are they supposed to do?” he quizzed.

Socrate Safo made this point while speaking to Caleb Nii Boi Showbiz927 on 3FM92.7.

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