The Presence Of The Holy Spirit Is Not Felt In These Days Gospel Songs – Tagoe Sisters

Ghanaian Veteran Gospel musicians, Tagoe Sisters has differentiated the difference between gospel in the 90s and in the 2000s.

According to the twins sisters, gospel musicians back in the 90s spends more than three (3) to six (6) month in the studio just to put out one song.

The reason is because all the instruments are played live so there must be a rehearsals session, and that alone would even take a couple of weeks to finish that before the main recording is done.

But in these days because of technology, recording has become very easy. Anyone who enters in the studio today would be able to bring  out a song the same day.

Now a days our songs are done instantly because of computer, so when they enter into the studio today, they will produce a song within the next minutes.

In our time we could spend six (6) months in the studio, and it’s not like we just play anything and record. Anytime we have to record, we play everything live so we have to rehears for close to six (6) month prior to the recording of the song.

Tagoe Sisters said this in the Ghanaian local dialect (Akan) when Kwaku Manu who is the host of ‘Aggressive Interview’ on Kwaku Manu TV asked them about the difference in the gospel songs before and that of today’s,

The veteran musicians continued to say that because gospel musicians now a days don’t take their time to record songs, after the release of the song, it does not last in the market. People will jump to the song today and the next day the song will be nowhere to be found.


Because they don’t take time in producing their songs, immediately when the song is released, it’s everywhere but after a few days then the song is outmoded.

But when the song is properly arranged, any time you play it’s feels like a new song.

It’s not about the style you will sing it, but the words or the lyrics.





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