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Trapped In Booty Island – Final Episode 25 ( Justin)



Newyork City…
48 hours had passed since we were rescued from that Island, our rescue and nabbing of the cocaine dealers was on every news, Everyone we knew was happy we were alive and safe especially my mom.

She had cried hard when she saw me, but she scolded me afterward for making her worry about me, I had to apologize to her.

My friend Jerry was happy that I was alive, he had gotten a security job in the museum after we were fired.
And as for Kevin, he became a hero but he didn’t take all the credit for catching those Criminals, he also mentioned our names in the rescue, and in return, we shared the bounty reward amongst ourselves.

Overnight, I had become rich but I had no idea what to do with the money, My mind wasn’t in the right place since we returned from the island, cause I was thinking about Rashida, since we returned from the island, Rashida and I haven’t met or talked since then, I told her I didn’t want to see her and I didn’t have the guts to go and see her.

Maybe this was for the best, we were probably never meant to be anyway! I was thinking of seeing Maria but I realized she’s with someone now, I wasn’t surprised cause our relationship wasn’t that official and it meant nothing.

Two weeks had passed since our rescue and nothing seem to be changing, I still hadn’t figured out what to do with the money either and I had no work or place to go so I stayed at home, So one Sunday evening, my mom came to my house, as usual with a pie.
Maria ➡ Evening son!
Justin ➡ Evening mom! How’s dad?

Maria ➡ Same as always! Are you alright? You look awful…

Justin ➡ I’m just bored that’s all…

Maria ➡ Bored? How can you be bored when you’re rich!

Justin ➡ You wouldn’t understand mom…

Maria ➡ Have you any plans for what you’re going to do with the money?
Justin ➡ Nope.
Maria ➡ Come on, there has to be something, besides you need to a nice house, this place is a dump…

Justin ➡ So what are you suggesting?

Maria ➡ Son, you need change! Buy some clothes, and other stuff, look alive, you know…

Justin ➡ Yeah…

Maria ➡ Justin is something wrong?

Justin ➡ Nope… Nothing at all…

Maria ➡ Is it about Rashida?

Justin ➡ What??? Who told you that?

Maria ➡ Kevin did, he said you two had a big fight, while you’re trapped on the island…

Justin ➡ No mom, it wasn’t that much of a fight, we just had a talk, that’s all…

Maria ➡ You love her, don’t you?

Justin ➡ Yes mom, I do but I don’t think she does…

Maria ➡ Trust me, she does… You see we women need time to sought out things when a man confesses love for us, don’t worry She’ll come around.
Justin ➡ Well, I hope she does, cause I can’t wait forever…

As we were talking with my mom, Kevin bursted into the house, He looked like he was about to blow, with excitement.
He greeted my mom, and before he talked to me…

Kevin ➡ Hi man, how’s life?

Maria ➡ He doesn’t seem to be enjoying it…

Kevin ➡ Come on man, you’re a millionaire…

Justin ➡ Money ain’t happiness, man.

Kevin ➡ Yeah, yeah, so enough moping! Omotola’s parents have agreed to our reunion…

Justin ➡ Really? That’s good news, so when is the marriage taking place…

Kevin ➡ Soon! And also there’s going to be an old students reunion in today…

Justin ➡ Really?

Kevin ➡ Yes, moron, so get dressed homie. Everyone is going to be there…

Justin ➡ Everyone?

Kevin ➡ Everyone!!!



Being back in Newyork was great, I loved the city with the crowd and lights, Gos its good to be back at home but I sure missed the Island and…….. Justin.

As soon as we collected our reward money, Justin and I parted ways, I really wanted to tell him but I couldn’t besides he did say he doesn’t want to see me.

Everyone at home was happy that I was safe and sound and some weren’t, I can’t blame them, Marcy, Dan, and Maria were so happy, I was back, Everything seemed to have changed while I was gone and most of them was not so good.

I was replaced by Omotola in the place I used to work, and my property was sold off and the money went to charity, almost everything I had acquired in my life was gone!

I wasn’t angry or sad about it, I couldn’t blame anyone for this, after all, they all thought I was dead, and also since I have millions now I could start over.

But I didn’t know what to do with the money, My head was just out of ideas since my house was sold off, I stayed in Marcy’s house, all the time and all I did was eat and sleep, I couldn’t go out and if I did what was I going to do.

I wanted to go and meet the Cheater Edward and throw some big a$$ punches to his face, but I didn’t, he wasn’t worth the trouble anyway.

Maria offered to get me a high paying job which she could but I wasn’t interested, My life had changed since I went to that Island and all I could think of was the moments I had with Justin, I thought it was all pure lust and no love, but I began to realize now that we both love each other but I was the problem, I couldn’t tell Justin I loved him as well.

I didn’t tell anybody about it cause if I did, they would totally freak out, and I don’t want that.
So one day I was on the balcony, staring into the blue sky when Maria, Emily, and Marcy came into my room. They took notice of how moody I was and decided to check me out.
Emily ➡ Hey Rash, are you alright?

Rashida ➡ Yes Em, how’s harry?

Emily ➡ He’s fine, he sends his regards by the way…

Rashida ➡ Thanks…

Maria ➡ Cousin, you look like sh!t… Is something wrong ever since you came back from that island with Justin you seem different!
Marcy ➡ Yeah, did something happen between the two of you?

Rashida ➡ No, no, I’m good just worried.
Marcy ➡ Worried? Oh please come on tell us, what happened?

Maria ➡ Don’t waste your energy Marcy, she’s too much of a chicken to talk anyway!

Rashida ➡ Who’s chicken?

Marcy ➡ You are, you’re too sissy to tell us about what happened, maybe he beat her up or humiliated her, besides I’m still surprised how they survive on the island with the grudge they have against each other.
Rashida ➡ Is that so? Do you really want to know what happened on the island?

Maria ➡ Yes, I bet 100,000 dollars that she wouldn’t talk!

Rashida ➡ Okay here goes….. Don’t freak out if I tell you this!

Marcy ➡ Just talk!!!.

Rashida ➡ Blah, Blah, Blah Justin and I had $ex…

Maria ➡ WHAT!?

Emily ➡THE!

Marcy ➡ FUCK??.

Emily ➡ You’re kidding? You guys had sex? How many times?

Maria ➡ This is total horse shit! I don’t believe this.

Marcy ➡ Unbelievable!

Rashida ➡ It’s true, you can ask Kevin…

Marcy ➡ Wow! This is too good to be true, so you guys were having $ex all these months? Damn you’re a lucky b!tch, wish I was the one.
Emily ➡ So are you guys in love?

Maria ➡ (jealous) I doubt it.

Rashida ➡ Justin confessed his love to me but I couldn’t. We had a fight before we were rescued and he said he doesn’t want to see me again. I’ll never be able to tell him now.
Marcy ➡ Well, now you have a chance, there’s an old students reunion today, and everyone will come, so get ready and let’s go.
Emily ➡ Oooh, I can’t wait to tell everyone, this is going to be big!
As we were talking, the doorbell rang, we all went down to check who it was and to our utmost surprise, that was that infidel a$$hole, Edward. He looked beat and rough, like a bum, his clothes were messy and so was his hair, in total he was a complete sh!t.
Rashida ➡ Edward???
Edward ➡ Hi Rashida, I heard you survived, I’m so happy.

Rashida ➡ That was two weeks ago a$$hole and what are you doing here?
Edward ➡ Baby, I’ve come to apologize for what I’ve done to you, I’m really sorry and I really miss you…

Rashida ➡ Really?  You miss me? After sticking your d!ck in every b!tches cunt in Newyork, you want me back! Sorry pal, too late for that.
Edward ➡ Baby you can’t do this to me, not after everything I’ve done for you!
now you…

Rashida ➡ Really? Read my lips b!tch, I’m done with you, oh I almost forgot, I’m with someone now, and his name is Justin, you know him? You slept with his girlfriend and accused him of something he hasn’t done, and he is sure as hell a better man and lover than you, so get your stinking a$$ out of here.
Before I could turn around, I felt a lump in my throat, it was like something was trying to come out of my mouth, just then I vomited right in the face of Edward, soaking him in my vomit.

The girls laughed and closed the door at his face, I was surprised cause why did I vomit?

Maria ➡ Wow, that was totally awful…

Emily ➡ are you okay? Did you eat too much pizza?


Rashida ➡ I didn’t, I haven’t eaten any pizza lately. Besides I’ve been feeling well lately…

Marcy ➡ So then let’s get you to the hospital, you need to be healthy for this occasion…

Hours later, we were in the hospital, the doctor had done some tests on me and we waited in the patients’ booth for the results.

My parents and my brother came to see me as soon as Maria told them I was in the hospital.
Minutes later the Doctor came out and brought out the test results, he looked at me with a smile on his face.
Doctor ➡ You’re miss Rashida, right?

Rashida ➡ Yes.

Doctor ➡ You’re okay, there’s nothing to worry about, just a few signs of pregnancy popping up…

Maria ➡ Excuse me, did you say pregnancy as in she’s……

Doctor ➡ Yes, she’s pregnant, it’s a week old…

Marcy ➡ But Doc, it doesn’t make any sense she didn’t sleep with… Oh my God!

Dan ➡ What’s going on?

Emily ➡ She’s pregnant with Justin’s baby!

Dan ➡ Damn! She got knocked up! Baby is on board, nice play Rashida…

Rashida ➡ Fvck you Dan…

Rita ➡ Oh I’m so happy, my baby girl is going to be a mother…

Rashida ➡ Mom, stop it…

Rita ➡ Sorry Rashida, I’m just so excited…

Dan ➡ So does Justin know about it?

Marcy ➡ No but Rashida will tell him…

Emily ➡ I can’t wait, let’s get ready and go to the reunion party.


Two hours later, we got to the reunion party in our former high school, it was a great event, everyone was there, Kevin and I went around exchanging talks and handshakes, Most of the people we know are either married, rich or poor, but its good to know no one had died.

Most of the girls that were crazy about me were now mothers, we exchanged some old memories of our days back when we were in school. Everyone sure had a good time.

But not everyone was at the party, Rashida was not here, she must have decided not to come, cause if she had, I would have loved to know what her answer would be!

As I was standing around watching the crowd, Dan came to me and told me someone was waiting for me at the school basketball court.

I went there in a hurry, it was probably Rashida waiting for me, as I entered the court and checked myself before getting in, and as I expected it was her.

She stood in the middle of the court, she looked so elegant and lovely, she wore a nice topless black silk gown, and her hair was brushed back nicely, and it showed her lovely neck, I approached her slowly, looking at her, I couldn’t believe Rashida was this beautiful.

I stood in front of her, staring at her looking into her lovely blue eyes, she also looked at me passionately, we stood there for some minutes without talking to one another, after some time I decided to go first.
Justin ➡ Hi,

Rashida ➡ Hi.

Justin ➡ You look beautiful, Rashida.

Rashida ➡ Thanks, you look quite charming as well…

Justin ➡ Thanks, uhm how’ve you been?

Rashida ➡ Not so much, you?

Justin ➡ Same here,… Listen Rashida what I said back at the island, I didn’t…

Rashida ➡ I… Love you!

Justin ➡ What?

Rashida ➡ I love you, Justin, ever since we were in high school! I didn’t have the courage to tell you back then, and I was jealous seeing you with the other girls, I’m sorry for the way I’ve been treating you back then.
Justin ➡ Wow… I really don’t know what to say, but I’m glad we’re on the same page, cause I’ve been thinking about you since we returned.
Rashida ➡ (laughing) so have I.

Justin ➡ So can I…

Rashida ➡, Of course, you can…

I held her and pulled her close to me and gave her a kiss, Rashida wrapped her hands around my neck as we kissed, Everything became so perfect between us, it’s like we were stuck in a place of eternal bliss.

I didn’t know how long we were standing there kissing but we were interrupted by the sound of claps and cheers, Everyone who was at the party had filled the court, Cameras flashed at us, as we stood, Some of our friends came to where we stood and lifted us high in the air, chanting our names, it took a while before they brought us down, Kevin and Harry came towards me shaking my hands.
Harry ➡ Congratulations man!

Kevin ➡ You lucky bastard, you’re going to be a father…

Justin ➡ What? What are you talking about?

Kevin ➡ Ask Rashida…

Justin ➡ Babe, what are they talking about?

Rashida ➡. I’m pregnant and it’s yours.

Justin ➡ WHAT???.

To be honest, it was the first time in my life I was speechless, Rashida was pregnant and I’m going to be a father? That I did not see coming, but everything turned out well.

A month later, Rashida and I got married together with Kevin and Omotola, each of them had small baby bumps. After that we all spent our honeymoons in separate places, Kevin and Omotola went to Hawaii and Rashida and I went back to our Island but we brought enough supplies with us, with our money we bought a big boat, we enjoyed our stay on the island, we could never forget about it cause it was what brought us together.

One day as we were strolling in the place where the drug dealers were arrested, we discovered some boxes which were full of cash, and it was a lot.

After our honeymoon, we used the money to buy a big house and some of the money, Rashida opened up a business since she was no longer working, but Rashida got me a job in Hollywood, as it turns out, That Alexis lady was a good friend of hers, she gave me an opportunity to do my thing but I didn’t start acting at first, I became a director and made my own movie about my adventure with Rashida, I titled the movie “Trapped in booty island “ and acted in it, the movie became a hit in no time, and that’s how I got the attention of director and producers.

With the money, I was getting I never forgot my good friends behind, I found my friend Jerry a job as a cameraman and he loved it. Life was good for Rashida and me and we loved each other dearly.

One day, as I was called for an interview for my movie, the TV host who happens to be Maria, asked why I titled the movie Trapped in Booty island, I answered just for inspiration but in my mind, The main reason was, That Island had gotten everything I had ever wanted in Life, a soulmate, Wealth, and a second chance in life.

All the treasures man could ever want. Thanks to God for trapping me in that Paradise.



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Story Time

Alex: His Fake Identity – Who Is Fake?, Who Is Real? (Episode 10)



“Sir Alex, ” a nurse called

Alex jerked out of his nap worriedly, “nurse, how is Bellove ” he asked feeling scared

“You don’t have to worry much sir; the operation was successful, ” the nurse said smiling at him “Really! “Alex exclaimed… “Can I see her now?” he asked feeling anxious

“Yes sir,” the nurse said leading the way…

His heart skipped a thousand beats when he set his eyes on pale Bellove, his lips went dry when he saw her face and body… Just a day accident she looks like a dead log…

Wiping away his tears, he kissed her palm, moving his dry lips on her forehead giving it a sweet juicy kiss… He felt a movement on his hand

“She’s waking up, “he thought staring at her face weakly and worriedly

Bellove couldn’t open her eyes at once but eventually opened it slowly, blinking her eyelashes simultaneously.

“Alex! ” she called weakly, a drop of tears fell from her eye

“Beloved! ” he called, anyone that saw them at that moment, will think they lost something precious to them

“I thought am going to die, I thought I won’t see you again… she was cut short when she felt lips on hers, Alex place his lips on hers, kissing her tearfully, Bellove could feel his pain, emotions, in the kiss… In as much as she was craving for his lips, but she couldn’t kiss him the way she wanted.

Opening her mouth gently for him to gain entrance in her tasteless liquor mouth… Alex kissed her deeply letting his emotions take control of his mind, after what seemed like forever, he disengaged from the kiss.

Starring at her face lovely “how you feeling “Alex asked starring at her face curiously

“Am fine, my condition stressed you out, right, ” Bellove asked

“Yes, I was scared, I was losing my mind, I won’t lie, I thought I won’t see you again… ” Alex said confessing his fears

“Am here, am with you this moment, am going to be with forever, ” Bellove said sweetly


“it’s fine Bellove, am with you today and forever… There’s something I want to tell you. I know it might sound awkward due to how the situation is. But I think this is the right time I do this ”

“Do what Alex??” Bellove said looking straight in his eye, searching for answers, but found none.

“Am in love with someone ” Alex said

“(Shuttered)… you… are… in… love…” Bellove stammered

“Yes, am crazily in love with you Bellove am… am… I… I don’t know how to express my emotion and feelings for you. ” Alex confessed…

“You love me!” Bellove exclaims springing up immediately.

“Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!! be careful “Alex cared worriedly

“Am fine, but this is great news for me… I will finally have a boy lover. “Bellove said closing her eyes dreamily, feeling the sanction…

“I will give you some time to think about it, let me know your reply. I’m Just hoping it will be positive ” Alex said standing up on his feet.

“Are you going, so soon” she pouted

“Am not leaving, just want to check up on Chole ” Alex said not realizing his mistake…

Bellove heard Chole’s name, immediately pull off the drip from her hand same goes with the oxygen on her forehead… She stood up on her feet but her body failed her… She fell back on her feet weakly… Everything happened so quickly, Alex didn’t get the chance to stop her silly act.

“Take me to Chole “she screamed, having tears on her face.

“Calm down Bellove, she’s fine ” Alex pet her calmly


“She’s not Alex, what the hell happened to her “Bellove asked shaking her head visibly

Some nurses rush in after Alex pressed the alarm button, running another drip for Bellove.  “Alex told me what happen to Chole, “she asked with a pleading face

“She fainted, due to your state when she rushed you in here,” Alex said…

“Sir, you will have to excuse us, we will call you when we are done here. ” the nurse said politely

“Okay ” was his reply and he left the ward.

Bellove was given a sedative, she dozed off seconds after Alex’s departure.


“Tell the press I will like to address the nation tomorrow,” Mr. Derrick said to his assistant.

A call came in on his phone “better half ”

“Hello sweetheart ” Mr. Derrick called sweetly


“Hi! Honey are you alright “he asked worriedly

“(Lost in thought) should I tell him or not ”

“Sarah, “he called emphasizing the word “Sarah ” “it’s nothing much, I just feel like crying ”


“Ha ha ha, here she comes, always ready to light up my mood, ha ha ha ” Mr. Derrick burst into a round of laughter.

“Did you think it’s funny “she finally let out her tears.

“Oh! Geez! Sarah am sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, where are you, I wanna come over ” he said picking up his file hurriedly

“Don’t… Mrs. Sarah was trying to say something when she felt her breath seized, she couldn’t speak, it’s pointless fighting it… Mrs. Sarah felt her eyes were closing slowly.

“Hey, Sarah! Sarah!! “Derrick called panicking

“Tony! Tony!! Tonyyyy,” he called in anger

“Sir, ” his assistant rushed in fear …

“Are you sick? “Derrick cursed

Sir “Tony asked with a confused feeling

“Do you want to get fired, is like you are not taking your job seriously… I called your name three times between five seconds “derrick said with gritted teeth, lashing out his anger

“Am very sorry sir, ”

“Get the car ready, have tracked Sarah’s location… ”

“Tracked madam location for what sir “Tony asked still confused

“Get the car ready!!! “Derrick yelled hitting his hand on the table angrily…


“Derrick ” Mrs. Sarah called, finally found her voice.

“Sarah, calm down… am coming, did you take your inhaler “Derrick asked… He didn’t get a reply only a crashing of objects and other equipment… Derrick could hear how difficult she’s finding it to breathe…

“Sarah, hang on. ” Derrick said, having tears on his face. He rushed out of his office, he almost fell down on the stairs…

Everyone on the first floor of his office was starring weirdly at him. Murmuring fill the company.

“What’s wrong with his Excellency ” was the question on everyone’s mind…

“I can’t lose you, Sarah,” Derrick thought, sending Tony out of the driver’s seat, he took over and ignited the car, hitting the highway roughly…


“You did your job perfectly Connor ” Cassandra admitted truthfully. Picking up a glass of wine

“(Scoffs) am always perfect, Cassandra, “Connor said spanking her a$$ hardly

“ouch! “Cassandra uttered feeling the soft pain on her a$$

“Cassandra, there’s something brooding my mind ”

“and what’s that, ”

“the picture you send to me; I notice something about it ”


“Notice! Oh! I see, she’s very curvy right ” Cassandra said feeling annoyed and jealous

“No it’s not that, I notice she looks like a lost friend of mine ”

“Wow! who?” she asked with a surprised expression

“My childhood friend, she went missing, and was later declared dead, even though I love her back then, I still do till now. ” Connor uttered bitterly almost close to tears

Cassandra stood up her feet, walking close to Connor her heels were making a perfect rhythm.

“You don’t need to mourn the dead, she’s gone and gone forever. Let her soul rest in peace now ”

“I can’t seem to, but I will try my best as you said. ” Connor said

“come on, let’s get down to business,” Cassandra said ripping off her bra hungrily

“Why are you in a rush sweetheart,” Connor said spanking her a$$…

He lifted her towards the bed and she fell forward.

“Get on your knees and give me your back” he instructed and she did just that, giving him her back.

She felt him taking off his clothes and finally, came up behind her.

“Do you know what this is called?” He asked whisperingly as his cold hand held her waist, ready for the penetration.

Cassandra was a little confused, didn’t exactly know what he meant. But she shook her head anyway.


“I don’t know what you are up to Connor, just want you to know that you must not ride me hungrily… Moreover, which style are you planning this time around “she asked with her head bowed on the designer sheets laid on the wide bed

“It’s called the doggy style” he whispered into her ears and went deep into her from behind.

“Ah!!” She cried out, a little uncomfortable at the penetration, the unawareness.

Her hands shook a little as they held onto the bed for support. And Connor gaining his stamina pulled out of her and went into her again.

This time around, she bit her lower lip to prevent her from screaming like the first time.

“But damn, it hurt a lot. Connor won’t take it easy on me this time around, just like our first time together ” she thought feeling scared

He moved his hands to her chest, got hold of the mini-sized breasts, and started pounding into her.

He was going so deep and rough, and she wondered if it was just him,

Oh! Of course, not

She gripped the sheets tight and closed her eyes, feeling something similar to pleasure – something similar. It was mixed with pains…

Connor paused and pushed a leg forward, trying to gain more stamina. And achieving that, he increased his pace and continued drilling.

Cassandra couldn’t help but produce the guttural sounds as the feelings washed over her.

Suddenly, he paused, but his d!ck was still inside of her. Cassandra opened her eyes when it happened as she wondered why he stopped.


“You should know what to do at this stage, Cassandra ” he stated calmly as he held her waist and started directing it to the way he wanted.

“what again this time around, “Cassandra asked tiredly

He moved tho and fro, so she fvcks herself.

Cassandra was familiar with the movement, when he let go of her waist, indicating he wanted her to try it out herself, she had to do it.

He spanked her a$$ and she continued the process, doing it well this time around. She’s good

Her breasts bounced on her chest as she moved heavily, moving forward and backward so the d!ck slides in and out of her.

She closed her eyes and tried perfecting the movement and in a few seconds, she moved from good to better. And finally the best

He adjusted her legs and pushed his d!ck into her from that position and she was forced to cry out when she slammed hard on him.

Oh! She felt so full. So full.

He moved his both hands to her back, pushed her forward, and started slamming into her real hard and fast.

The feeling was different as this time around, he was pounding upwards into her, driving her wild.

She felt dazed and didn’t realize she was already moaning; moaning so loud.

He moved his hands repeatedly, up and down her back;

She continued moaning, no longer considering the fact that their faces were so close to each other.


“Oh… please…!” She cried out when the ecstasy started turning into bigger pains for her. Gosh! He felt so big inside of her and his pace was something else.

He acted like he wanted to split her apart.

Suddenly, he paused and Cassandra breathed out in relief. But her heart skipped when he whispered something like:

“Ride it”.

“What?? Am a b!tch Connor” she said with her eyes closed feeling tired

She opened her eyes to look at his and he was staring right into hers.

“He wanted her to move again? Did he actually mean it…? ” she thought

Connor moved his hand from her back and landed them on her a$$.

He lifted both sides and started making it ride him – the way he wanted.

Cassandra groaned and fell on his shoulders, but it didn’t tamper with his movement as he continued slamming her onto him.

“Oh… stop. Please…” She whimpered against his shoulders.

His breath became erratic as it took him some effort to control the movement.

He was going so fast and hard and Cassandra was beginning to feel a burning sensation; her pelvis was feeling so hot. So full.


Her hands rested on his shoulders as she whimpered and after some time, he turned her over on the bed without taking his d!ck out of her.

“No! Please…” She shook her head repeatedly, finding it hard to believe he was actually taking a different style.

“What’s he doing?”

He opened her legs wide enough and rested in between, then continued drilling.

Cassandra made her head fall backwards as she tried to take in the pain.

He rubbed his thumb against her clit and she cried out, not understanding the feeling.

“Oh… Just stop already…!” She mumbled unconsciously, but he didn’t stop.

She looked into his face and was a little frightened at the expression she had found. He looked almost like a lion…a hungry lion.

Somehow, she felt she was in a serious mess.

“Please.” was all she could whimper again as she placed her hands on his chest and tried pushing him off, but couldn’t.

And in a gruff tone, he replied: “Not yet, Cassandra “.




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Story Time

Chole: His Fake Identity – Who Is Fake?, Who Is Real? (Episode 9)



“Nurse!!!, ” Chole screamed running with a stretcher, Bellove was bleeding heavily…

“Stay with me Bellove “Chloe said in tears…
“We will take her from here ma’am,” the doctor said wheeling the stretcher…
“Doctor, promise you will save her… ” Chole said holding the doctor’s hand…
“I will try my best, ” she said running walking back to ICU…
“[Panicking] I need to check the other lady ” Chole ran to the next floor in a panic state…
“Nurse! Nurse!! ” Chole called tapping her gently
“How may I help you, ma’am ”
“[Stammering] a lady was rushed up here.. She’s fair in complexion… ” Chole described
“Oh, the lady in ward 305….” the nurse said.

“[Panicking] yes yes yes… I think she’s the one “Chole said not sure
“Oh! Ma’am her condition is in a critical state… ” the nurse said picking up some files
“Oh no! Bellove what have you done… ” Chole said scratching her hair angrily…
“Chole! Chole!! ” she heard distant and faint voices fading away, darkness took over her eyes…
“she passed out ” Max screamed,
” get me the damn doctor, “Alex screamed at a nurse who flinch in fear

“Chole, come on open your eyes… “Max said running inside a VIP ward…
“Nurse, tell me where Bellove Cropper is, ward number.. ”
“Sir she’s on the third floor.. Ward 223,” the nurse said, giving him a pass…
“Thank you, ” Alex snatched the card from her, running close to the lift…


20 Hours Earlier…

“Sleeping Goat, come get up… ” Chole said walking her…
“I want to sleep a little ” Bellove said drowsily…
“You will be late, do you want to keep your new friend waiting.. ”
“Oh! I see you are jealous… ” Bellove teased
“Am not Bellove,… Come on get up ” Chole said pulling her off the bed.
“Oh, God… Do I have to do this.. ” she muttered lightly
“I will get something for breakfast… huh, ” Chole said leaving Bellove to get dressed
“Chole! “she called
“Thanks for everything, ” Bellove said

“(Scoffs) I love you ” Chole replied
“(Chuckled) I love you forever ”
The two friends hug each other tightly… Shedding joyful tears

“Come on, pick up Connor, “Cassandra said pacing tho and fro in her room
“What’s wrong Cas “Jennifer asked
“Nothing ”
“Nothing? and you are pacing tho and fro in here”
“I said nothing.. Jennifer, can’t you understand ”
“Oh! I see, sorry ” Jennifer said walking out of her room “…
“Hello!” Connor said…
“Hello Connor it’s me, Cassandra ”
“Oh!, Hello, how are you doing? ”
“Am good and fine… I need your help with something Connor ”
“Have missed your juicy hole… you know I don’t help for free ” Connor said
“I know you don’t, I will pay this time around… ” Cassandra said hoping to change his mind…
” I don’t want cash Cassandra ”

“Please Connor, I know what you want… But, can you do this without touching me”
“[Chuckled] are you scared of $ex now? ” Connor asked
” Am not, it’s just that you don’t take it easy with me with whenever you get aroused… ”
“Come on Cassandra… am not doing anything without feeling you deep down there ” …
“Okay, okay I will see you tomorrow… Now let’s get down to business, I will send a picture to your phone, immediately after I end this call… I want you to get her hit by a moving truck… it will be like an accident .. Do you understand it ”
“Yeah, but I want to ask a question? ”
“Go on, I know you don’t work without listening to the main reason ”
“It’s great, you still remember and understand the rules “…
“Yeah, I still do”
“So tell me, what your reason… ” Connor asked
“Well, she snatched my boy lover, you know how much I love Alex… ” Cassandra said faking her tears…
“(Scoffs) never knew a b!tch like you can be in love well consider it done Cassandra… Uhm I will track her location through her Instagram details… I will like to end the call, I have an important call to pick “he said and immediately ended the call…

“(Smirking evilly), Am sure you all are wondering how I got her picture… Well, I got it from the internet, actually got it from her Instagram page… always a hidden lady… She only posts a picture… Rubbish… I can’t wait for Connor to track her location…

Connor phone beep in a notification sound,
“Oh this is the Picture, wow she’s very beautiful, ” Connor complement her beauty
“Am sure Cassandra is jealous of her beauty and her crazy endowment body… ” Connor thought zooming the picture…
“Her eyeball looks familiar, OMG those eyeballs, looks like Clara’s own… Is she actually Clara… I think she’s not… Because she was declared missing and later found dead… She can’t be… Or should I tell Aunt Sarah..” Connor said in thought.

“I think am hallucinating… let me just track down her location, and fvck Cassandra in exchange “…


Few minutes after

“She’s in Max Devon Allen restaurant,” Connor said in thought…
“The most expensive restaurant in America, she must be a rich b!tch “.. Connor said… I need to call Cas…
“Hello, hey I have tracked it down, ” Connor said over the phone
“Really! Do tell me ”
“She’s in Max Devon Allen restaurant… ” Connor said
“Wow, the most expensive restaurant, am sure it’s Alex doing… Connor!!! ” Cassandra called with gritted teeth..
“What is it? I know you are jealous Cas, but don’t worry I will get the job done… Now… ” Connor said…
“Okay, I will come over tomorrow then… See ya ” Cassandra said ending the call…

Connor called his goons to get the job done… He ended the call, kept starring at the picture… She looks so much like Clara… Only her cheeks are full…
“I miss you so much Clara,, my love for you is still there even though it has been long, I still can’t believe you are gone… I miss you, Clara… Clara my best friend, miss those promises we do make, wishes under the moon… I can’t forget it all even though we were still young then… I can’t believe you are gone “Connor thought wiping his tears, crashing things he lay his hands-on…
“I love you CLARA “Connor screamed…



“nurse!!, nurse!! ” Alex called with gritted teeth
“Yes sir, ”
“Move Bellove Cropper to the VIP ward ” one could sense authority and power in his voice ”
“Okay sir,” the nurse said rushing to the reception
“Hi man, you don’t need to shed tears, she will be fine… Okay ” Max said
“Okay, I just hope she’s fine like you said, ” Alex said resting on the wall for support…
“Am still wondering why Chole just faint… “Max sniffed
“It’s nothing Max, don’t think too much,” Alex said placing his hand on his shoulder…

“We can’t deliver the news to Sir Alex,” the doctor said, sitting on his chair worriedly
“We just have to do something, sir, she has lost a lot of blood,” the nurse said…
“What’s going on here, “the woman said opening the door lightly.

Everyone in the operation room stood up on their feet, paying respect to the hospital owner…
“What’s going on, why aren’t you both doing your job, ” the woman asked flipping the cotton a little…
“She has lost a lot of blood boss, and we can’t tell Sir Alex or his friend… ” the surgeon said
“Alex is here, Alex crop right,” the woman asked
“Yes boss, ” the doctor replied, shaking visibly
“Who is the lady on the bed ”
“Bellove Cropper, she’s the lady sir Alex brought in here ” the nurse replied with her head bowed.

“CLARA!!! ” Mrs. Sarah called in shock
“Michael !!!!”Mrs. Sarah with gritted teeth
“Gather all surgeons right here, right now .. I can’t afford to lose her again “…
“Yes, boss ” the doctor replied running out of the operating room…
“nurse Yvonne, ”

“Yes ma’am ”
“I want you to get a tip of her hair and carry out a DNA test on it… ” she said pulling a hair from hers…
“Here, take mine… I want you to carry out a DNA test on both… And bring it to my office after this operation… ” she said with authority…
“Okay ma’am, ” the nurse replied, she was about to take her foot out of the operating room when Mrs. Sarah’s voice stopped her…
“No one must know this, okay ”
“Okay maa.”
“And get me nurse Alice, immediately, am giving her 1 minute to get here, or else– nurse Yvonne didn’t let her finish her works before rushing out of the room… In fear ”
“I can’t wait, to set my eyes on those results… If I later find out you are my lost daughter, I won’t let you go this time… This is an opportunity to find out who you are… ” Mrs. Sarah said in tears kissing her hand along with her forehead…

Peace noticed Tyler looked so worried. She tried her towel in a knot and walked to him. She hugged him from behind, wrapping her hands on her waist.
“What happened, hun?”
Tyler loosened her hand from his waist and turned to face her. She was still dripping wet.
“Talk to me, honey” Peace still said.

“Nothing” he replied and kissed her as he would never see her again.
Peace unlocked from the kiss. “No one can take me away from you… I will fight heaven and Earth for you, I won’t go. I love you. Touch me and feel me” she held him to herself and purposely dropped her towel.
Tyler picked the towel and covered her back.” I just feel like Cassandra ”
Peace didn’t allow him to finish, she kissed him passionately, her towel slipped off again. Tyler’s eyes settled on her wide hips, she got too thick down there, pulling back, he couldn’t resist her any longer…
Her perfect figure right shape.

Her skin was spotless and without a blemish.
Peace moaned on her throat as Tyler’s thumb circled her pinkish nipples. Desires almost ran her wild. She wants him, she suddenly wanted him badly, she wanted to feel his warmth, his perfect maleness.
“Ohh please….” She moaned loudly as Tyler suckled on her breasts, his breath got so intense on her neck.
He kept on eating her out, he couldn’t get enough of her.
He lifted her to the bed and spread her enough for himself.
“Ohh heavens…”Peace arched her back as Tyler’s tongue fvcked her.
She got seriously wet, she didn’t know when she begged him to come inside her already. Tyler ate her up to his satisfaction before undoing his belt.
He didn’t shove in immediately.
“Ohh please!!!” Tyler moaned sweetly as he slapped his rod against her wet clit. The pleasure was too much for her to handle.
“Tyler!!!! F**k!!!!!
Tyler kissed her and intertwined palms with her. He rubbed his phallus which was already full in erection against her clit, from up to down them he shoved in and locked lips with her immediately. They moaned into each other’s mouths as desires swirled through them.

They made love for a long time, moving from one position to another. Tyler kept on pulling her back to meet his thrust, he held her legs up, making her to spread more for him. finally, he released inside of her. She smiled and held him to herself.
Tyler still looked moody, they got out of bed and showered together under the warm water.
“Should I wear this?” peace asked. Tyler nodded absent-mindedly.
Peace wore the shorts.
“With these?” She asked.
Tyler nodded absent-mindedly again. Peace wore the top.
“Are you done?” Tyler asked, he glanced at her properly.
“Yes,” Peace nodded and dragged the shorts down.
“Do I look good?” She asked.
“Yeah” Tyler nodded, she looked so perfect …
“what’s wrong, you look moody ” Peace stopped in her tracks… Holding his cheek…
“it’s Cassandra, “Tyler said worriedly
“Cassandra?? What the hell happened “Peace asked shaking Tyler gently
“I just don’t feel right.. Like I feel like she comes back and ruins his life again, “Tyler said resting his back on his car
“who is she planning to ruin this time around ” peace asked in fear…

“Alex and Bellove “Tyler said rubbing his forehead…
“(shuttering) nothing, will happen.. Trust me,”
“come light up your mood, I don’t like it like this… ” peace said pecking his cheeks …Tyler wrapped his hands on her waist, pulling her body closer to his biting her ear…giving her a quickie kiss…
“Maa, can I come in,” nurse Yvonne asked
“Yeah, come in”…
Cracking of the door sound could be heard… “I have the results ”
“drop them and leave.. I will send you twenty thousand dollars very soon, for your job “…
“Should I open or not? ” Mrs. Sarah thought in fear…
Mrs. Sarah picks up the result, doing a holy mary sign before opening the result…
Tears drop down her face… She was smiling happily, wiping her tears away…
“(sniffed) my CLARA!!! … I, I, I… “Mrs. Sarah burst into fresh tears not knowing what to say…
“she’s my daughter ” Mrs. Sarah muttered below her breath…


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Story Time

Bellove: His Fake Identity – Who Is Fake?, Who Is Real? (Episode 8)



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