TV3 launches New Reality show – Perfect Match Xtra

Perfect Match Xtra, an exciting new television reality show, is set to make its debut on TV3 on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

The show revolves around the quest for love and the challenges of finding the perfect partner, all played out live on television.

Ten women and ten men will compete for nine weeks, employing various tactics and strategies to win over their ideal match, while the viewing audience has the power to influence the outcome through voting.

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Each week, there will be live eviction and re-coupling shows on Saturdays from 8-9:30 pm on TV3, where participants’ fate will be determined.

To keep viewers engaged, there will be regular updates on the happenings in the reality house.

The schedule includes daily aerobics sessions at 5:30 am, nomination and diary sessions on Mondays from 2-3 pm, and various tasks on Mondays from 4-5 pm and Thursdays from 4-5 pm. Additionally, there will be grooming sessions on Saturdays at 4 pm.

Audiences can stay connected with the show through the TV3 reality app, available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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There will also be a 24-hour pay-to-view link for exclusive access.

Produced by Adesa Productions Limited (APL), Perfect Match Xtra promises to provide adult-themed entertainment and an immersive lifestyle reality experience.

Contestants will face evictions if they fail to secure a love match, with the final couple standing winning the show.

Make sure to tune in to TV3 for the most original dating reality show yet, Perfect Match Xtra, and cast your votes to support your favourite couple in the house!

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