Two bodies join forces to improve access to eye care

The C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CKT-UTAS), Navrongo, in collaboration with Friends Eye Centre, has established an eye clinic at the university’s hospital.

The move is geared at improving access to quality eye care services for the university community and its environs.

In an outreach to residents of Navrongo, a senior optician at Friends Eye Centre, Mr Awudu Dramani highlighted the importance of regular eye check-ups, emphasising the eye’s invaluable role in the human body. He recommended regular check-ups every six months, particularly for glaucoma screening, as the condition may not exhibit symptoms until it is advanced.

In a meeting between the Vice-Chancellor of CKT-UTAS, Prof. Eric M. Wilmot, and Lead Surgeon at Friends Eye Centre, Dr Seth Wayne, the cost of eye surgery was reduced in the outreach to make it more affordable for patients in need.

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Dr Wayne further beseeched NGOs to provide financing to ensure such surgeries are made available to all those who require them.

Dean of the School of Medical Sciences and Coordinator of the Outreach Programme, Prof. Juventus Ziem hinted that the exercise would be extended to other towns and communities in the catchment area of the university.

The CKT-UTAS Hospital organised a free eye screening for the university community and residents of the Navrongo Municipality in February 2023. The screening was part of the university’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Patrons included the Overlord of the Navrongo Traditional Area and the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

The establishment of the eye clinic at the CKT-UTAS Hospital in collaboration with Friends Eye Centre is a significant step in improving eye care accessibility for the university community and surrounding areas. The collaboration emphasises the importance of partnerships between institutions and the need for regular eye check-ups for the maintenance of good vision.

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