Ultra-modern Volta Green City Project to begin in Mafi-Anfoe

The first phase of the Volta Green City Project has been launched at Mafi-Anfoe in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region.

The project will provide decent accommodation and recreational centers for residents and beyond, while also improving economic activities within the area.

In a welcome address, the Chief of Mafi-Anfoe, Togbe Dra Abotaka, stated that development in the communities will help improve their lives positively hence the urgent need for every community to have the needed development they rightly deserve.

Togbe Dra Abotaka said the paramount role of chiefs and traditional leaders is to ensure total development in their community and their traditional area, and this development, he noted, must be about people thriving in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

“Here in Anfoe we have the green vegetation, our environment is calm and serene, the air is very fresh and our people are very friendly, united, and lovely for a smooth project to start,”  Togbe Dra Abotaka said.

Togbe Dra Abotaka added that the community in Mafia-Anfoe has a lot of land for the establishment of modern settlements like the proposed Volta Green City and industries to create jobs for the teeming youth.

The CEO of the Project, Nii Okai Parbey said the project will provide affordable housing units for the people and will function as a complete community on its own with modern facilities and commercial enterprises.

He added that the Volta Green City Project will have uninterrupted power supply from a solar power plant instead of the regular electricity grid.

Nii Okai Parbi stressed that the master plan of the Volta Green City Project that his team has envisaged is not just a collection of houses, but a complete modern smart city that provides everything residents need and want within easy reach.

“This community called the Volta Green City will feature a free economic zone enclave, a wide variety of home buildings, home styles, and options at all price points as well as parks, playgrounds, swimming  pools, tennis courts, golf courses and many more,” Nii Okai Parbey said.

The Volta Green City, he continued, will also offer a unique feeling of safety and security as it will be gated and or patrolled by neighboring security thereby giving residents peace of mind. It will also have anti-monotony codes, ensuring that the homes are diverse and attractive.

The new city according to Nii Okai Parbey is in a prime location within the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region – along the Sogakope – Ho Road, a place where the climate is warm and sunny all year round.

The master-planned community will cater to the growing market segment of young professionals looking for a better place to call home by offering them an ideal place to live, work, and play.

“We have already secured the land for our project which covers more than 30,000 acres and we are yet to obtain the necessary permits and approvals from the local authorities. We have also partnered with several reputable builders who will design and construct the homes according to our vision and standards. We have also hired a professional management company that will handle the long-term maintenance and operation of the community,” he said.

The DCE  for Central Tongu District, Thomas Atsu Moore Zonyrah, in his welcome address noted that eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing people across the globe of which Ghana, Volta Region, and Mafi-Anfoe are no exception.

“We are all aware of the housing deficit in Ghana. Therefore, any investment to improve economic opportunities and housing are essential contributions towards ending poverty in all its forms,” Thomas Atsu Moore Zonyarah said.

He stated that currently half of the world’s population live in cities and it is projected to reach 70 per cent by 2050 which would ultimately lead to the creation of more mega cities.

This rapid population increase, Thomas Zonyarah emphasised, would outpace the development of housing infrastructure, and services, which would lead to an estimated 1.1 billion residents living in slum-like conditions in the near future.

Sustainable development, he continued, cannot be achieved without significantly transforming the way settlement spaces are managed, ensuring access to safe and affordable housing, upgrading slum settlements, investing in public transport, creating green spaces, and improving community planning and management in a way that is both participatory and inclusive.

“Volta Green City is an experienced entrepreneurial organization with an objective of enhancing the lives of people through investments that drives economic growth and transformation of fellow citizens. This is done specifically to create a world-class, mixed-use master-planned community,” Mr. Zonyarah said.

The Member of Parliament for the area, Gabby Hotordze said that he and the Municipal Chief Executive will do everything within their power to make sure the project becomes a reality.

He also assured the investors that the land is litigation free, making it available for work to start as soon as possible.

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