(Video) I would have poisoned myself if I turned 18 in Ghana…

Germany-based Ghanaian Kelvin Darko has revealed that his dream has always been to leave his home country and would have committed suicide if he turned 18 in Ghana.

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Kelvin mentioned that he wouldn’t have seen the differences in life if he had not traveled. According to Kelvin, it took ten years for him to settle in Germany.

“Since I started the journey, it took ten years to settle in Germany. I’ve lived in Switzerland, Belgium, and France, but for two weeks each. If the country does not feel like home, I go to another country. I check a few things in the country to see if they can accommodate me,” he told DJ Nyaami.

Kelvin made a stowaway journey through the Mediterranean Sea to Europe and first landed in Italy before scouting for an accommodating country to settle in. He finally settled in Germany due to a few reasons.

“I’ve never experienced hardship since I settled in Germany. Many people say Germans are racists, but they are very caring people.”

Speaking on the rate at which Ghanaian youth are traveling for greener pastures, Kelvin mentioned that “if I were in Ghana now, I’d be glad if I even get a chance to step outside of Berlin airport for one minute.

You can find any job you want to do here in Germany. I left Africa because (life) is not good (there). I’ll accept being lashed every morning before work because they care about us enough to receive us. Life was too bad for me in Ghana. I would have poisoned myself if I turned 18 years in Ghana,” Kelvin said on SVTV Africa.

Kindly watch the full interview below;


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