(Video) “They Put A Knife On My Neck To Slaughter Me But It Did Not Penetrate” – Kidnap Victim Reveals

A video of an unidentified man has been making rounds online after he narrated his ordeal in the hands of kidnappers in Lagos state.

Punch Newspaper has now posted about the incident and it has sparked mixed reactions online. According to the man, he said he boarded a commercial bus to the Iyana-Oworo area of the state, but in the course of the journey, discovered that he had fallen into the hands of suspected kidnappers.

He stated that as he entered the bus, he could perceive a gas that is normally used to make people sleep. According to him, he immediately used his handkerchief to cover his nose. He then said that he noticed that the driver and a few other people on the bus also had their nose masks on. That was when he confirmed that he has indeed fallen into the hands of kidnappers. He further revealed that the men were dressed in military uniforms.

The man then stated that he immediately noticed that the other passengers slept off, but when the driver noticed that he was still awake he confronted him and asked why he wasn’t sleeping. The man stated that he began to beg them to take his phone and his jewelry, but they refused and said they didn’t need all that.

The man then said when he began exchanging words with the kidnappers on the bus, they drove to a secluded spot, brought him out, and began to stab him. According to him, he is fortified, and as a result, the knives didn’t penetrate. He said, “They also put a knife on my neck to slaughter me but it did not penetrate“.


The man stated that he was able to reach out for a small knife he has in his bag and he began to swing it at them and was able to injure some of the kidnappers. He then said that the leader asked them to leave him alone since they had other victims in the car already.

The Lagos State Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin stated that the police are aware of the incident and there is an in-depth investigation ongoing.

Punch Newspaper

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