Wa Municipal Hospital’s maternity unit in dire need of wheelchairs and bedsheets

The midwife in-charge of the Maternity Unit of the Wa Municipal Hospital, Fostina Mwini, has expressed worry over the poor state of wheelchairs at the facility.

According to her, the inadequate number of wheelchairs at the hospital make it difficult to render health services seamlessly to patients who need to be transferred from the maternity ward to the hospital’s theater.

Madam Mwini made this revelation when the Upper West Region’s Chapter of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) led by its Chairman, Ubeidu Bin Sidik donated sanitary pads, detergents, and diapers to the maternity unit of the hospital to mark Mother’s Day.

The midwife in-charge also bemoaned the insufficient number of bed sheets, drip stands, and curtains.

“We don’t have bed sheets, I wish we had so that we would be able to dress this place nicely for you to come and see but they are unavailable. The drip stands are not there. So what we do is to hang the drips on windows in order to treat our patients,” she lamented.

Wa Municipal Hospital's maternity unit in dire need of wheelchairs and bedsheets

She, therefore, appealed to the government and other benevolent organisations to come to the hospital’s aid.

Madam Mwini subsequently expressed her gratitude to the Upper West Region’s Chapter of the GBA for the donation stating that it will help a lot in treating the patients.

“There are times that the entire bed sheet and floor of the ward are covered with blood. Some of the patients are without sanitary pads and we have to struggle to stop the blood.

“However, with your donation it will go a long way in the treatment of patients who are without sanitary pads,” she added.

On his part, Mr Sidik who made the donation on behalf of GBA noted that they were at the maternity ward on two fronts. First, was to tour the lives of mothers, the needy, and the poor by making modest donations to the facility and also to appreciate the midwives and nurses at the facility.

Wa Municipal Hospital's maternity unit in dire need of wheelchairs and bedsheets

Recognising the importance of mothers, the lawyer stated that the association took a decision last year that anytime mothers’ day is been celebrated they should do something special to support the poor mothers and the vulnerable.

They also used the occasion to encourage the midwives at the facility to do more in the treatment of patients at the faculty.

“We all passed through this very ward probably when you were not there. You are also doing the work that your predecessors have done. The peanut they are paying you is not enough. We want to say thank you for all the service you are rending to our people,” he posited

He assured the midwives of the prayers and support of the GBA. He also urged them to call on the Association whenever they have a genuine peculiar problem so that they can pull their resources together to help them.

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