We are doing all we can to produce a workable investigative report – Kissi Agyebeng

The Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng says his outfit is working assiduously to make available a comprehensive report on the ongoing investigation into alleged cases of illegal mining and corruption.

This follows the commencement of some investigation into suspected cases of illegal mining in October 2022.

According to him, this has been one of the most “tasking investigations” his outfit has ever decided to embark on.

He said he is unable to state a given time frame to conclude the investigations due to the fact that the exercise has been overwhelming.

Mr Agyebeng lamented the widespread activities of illegal mining in the country, adding that it is far-reaching and unbelievable.

He has however noted that the OSP is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to bring perpetrators of corruption to justice.

“I cannot give you a specific time frame. Indeed, this is one of the most tasking investigations we have ever thrown ourselves into. It spans from the northern borders all the way to the coast and the width of the country. It is so far-reaching, it is unbelievable.

“We are living no stone unturned. I wish I can give you a specific time frame but we are doing all that we can to come up with a workable investigation report and to see what further steps we can take from that. It is very dear to our hearts,” he said on JoyNews’ Newsfile on Saturday.

Again, Mr. Agyebeng urged the public to allow the OSP to carry out its mandate, adding that the outfit is the conscience of the country and as such needs to rise above all personal interest to ensure justice is served.

According to him, he is the person with the highest risk in the fight against illegal mining and corruption.

He also used the platform to stress his resolve in keeping his mandate as the conscience of the country and to rise above “those who have been made saints, those who have been declared holy, and those who have been declared untouchable.”

He concluded that as far as the OSP is concerned, no one is a saint.

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