Wendy Shay To Gift 20 People MoMo Every Week

Wendy Shay

Some parts of the world are not in the normal times because of the pandemic coronavirus. Some celebrities have tried their best by donating face mask, sanitizers, gloves and many more.



Wendy Shay has taken upon herself to also gift twenty(20) people randomly some small amount of money to by the necessary needs to prevent theirselves from contracting the deadly coronavirus.






In times like this I wish I could do more for my fans
I have my widow’s mite to give 20 people that I will randomly pick, something very small for hand sanitizer (since we are staying home to stay safe)

The “Steve Wonder” hitzmaker made all this clear in an Instagram post spotted by goonlinegh.com. She continued to say she will be doing that weekly so her fans shouldn’t be worried if they are not chosen in the previouse ones.

’ll be doing this weekly so don’t feel left out if u don’t get chosen 😚
Drop ur momo numbers in the comments section

she posted




After a GhanaWeb publication which punched holes in the number of coronavirus cases recorded in Ghana, the Ministry of Information has sought to offer some explanations to clear the air.

An official announcement on the Ghana Health Service page Thursday morning indicated that a total of 54 cases including 3 deaths have been confirmed ‘as at this morning’ – 26th March 2020. It, however, has 132 as the total of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The figures provided as at Wednesday remain 68, and an additional 54 cases should make the cases a total of 122, leaving questions about where the other ‘10’ comes from. It raises questions about the figures provided by the Ghana Health Service, especially because this wouldn’t be the first ‘error’ on the page since it was create





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