What’s Barack Obama Been Up To After His Presidency?

Barack Obama made history immediately after becoming the 44th president of the United States as the first African-American president.

Obama’s victory in the 2009 US presidential election was a major event for a country with a history of racial problems, and it indicated a major shift in American political culture. Under Obama, the US pulled through an economic crisis, and the country’s wealth grew.

Although Obama promised to change the world, as a politician, he did not allow himself to take risks and listened to his team a bit too much. He was often criticized for such caution, but in the end, it did pay off. At the beginning of his presidency, he even received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Upon moving into the White House, Obama was immediately reminded of several military campaigns that were left unresolved. George W. Bush did not do a good job with those. That much is certain.

At least Obama tried not to start any new wars, which was good news for Russia since they started their war with Ukraine. At least he condemned the aggression, but both Republicans and fellow party members still criticized his neutrality. Obama sought to change too much, so eventually, everything he promised failed.

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