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Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), a veteran Nollywood actor, acknowledged that it is “very hard” for entertainers to be faithful in marriage on the most recent episode of the Teju Babyface Deep Dive Podcast, which is hosted by comedian Olateju Oyelakin, nicknamed Teju Babyface.

He claimed that desperate women frequently pursue married male celebrities in an effort to seduce them into adultery.

He compared women to the biblical characters Delilah and Jezebel, who seduced men to their demise.

Due to the nature of his employment, RMD, as he is often known, acknowledged that maintaining faithfulness might be difficult, particularly for males in the entertainment industry.

It takes a lot of self-discipline, he continued, to stay in character when they are asked to kiss or be in intimate settings with actors.

He highlighted, however, the value of regularly reminding oneself of the institution of marriage and the justifications for choosing to be a member of it.

RMD is adamant that one should not put themselves in situations that might strain their marriage because marriage is beautiful.

He emphasized that in order to have a long-lasting relationship, there must be open communication, contentment, commitment, and a clear sense of purpose.

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