The youth in Samreboi in the Amefi West District, Western Region has threatened to schedule yet another demonstration to protest the disastrous nature of their road networks after promises made to them by the Municipal Chief Executive flunked.

The youth of the area has registered their displeasure and emotions on various media outlets over the abandoned road projects, highlighting the deplorable state of their commercial road networks among other abandoned developmental projects in the district.

The Concern Youth Of Samreboi On Monday, 4th July 2022, submitted a letter to the Office of the Municipal Chief Executive seeking answers to failed promises made to them by the MCE.

Read the Letter In Details Below:

During the meeting between yourself, the Management of Samartex Timber and Plywood Limited, and the Concerned Samreboi Youths Association, you told the executives of the Concerned Samreboi Youth Association that we should talk to our members and hold on to the demonstration exercise for you to do engagements on the construction of the road networks in and around Samreboi.

Further to that, you also noted that processes were far advanced for contractors to resume work on the Samreboi-Aboi Nkwanta and Samreboi- Sureso roads in June 2022

We would like to call your attention to the promise you made and also inform you that the timelines we both agreed on have elapsed, yet there have not been any major developments on the road networks.

*We have also not had any official information from your directorate or your office on the reason why you have failed to honour the promise you made.*

*We would appreciate a formal response from your outfit as our members have been mounting pressure on us for failure to FixSamreboiRoadsNow.*

*We have tried to calm nerves down and spoken to the Youths countless times, but it appears they have lost trust in us based on the series of promises we have made to them that they will see the contractors on the roads working soon.*

*The pressure keeps piling up, and we may not be able to control it any longer, and will therefore appreciate a response from your outfit on the efforts you have made so far, and the way forward.*

*We will be able to contain our members for some time, but we cannot tell what may happen if all efforts to get your response to failure.*

*We trust and believe in your capabilities and would appreciate your swift response.*

*Thank you and counting on your cooperation.*

Samreboi remains the leading cocoa-producing community in Ghana but it stands as one among the many cocoa production areas with bad roads.

In 2019, the traditional council of the Samreboi and the youth staged a loud demonstration to awaken the government on the state of their roads.

In 2020, the youth reignited their course to stage another protest after the previous call was shunned by the government.

Hundreds of Samreboi youth invaded the street to rage against a befitting and peaceful demonstration, calling out authorities to start working on their road networks.

As if that was all, in late 2021, the youth of Samreboi organized another protest call of which a petition was submitted to the regional minister through the office of the district assembly.

In reaction to the petition, authorities through the Municipal Cheif Executive promised to put things in their proper places and start work on the various life-threatening roads that connect the town to other productive towns in the Western Region and Ashanti Region. This saw the leadership of the Concerned Samreboi Youth Association meet with the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana for which they promised to fix the Samreboi roads.

“….upon submitting our petition to the district assembly, we were promised to witness a level of construction works on our roads latest by June 2022. As I speak right now, nothing Is there to show and our roads are getting more dangerous, especially in the rainy season. We are hitting the streets once again and this time, we ain’t falling for empty promises. We want works to start immediately”. – a concerned member of Samreboi Youth laments.

The Amenfi West District is one of the best cocoa growing sites in the country but many of the communities are scuffling with poor roads.

Drivers are refusing to ply the roads, something the commutants say is hugely affecting economic activities.

Commercial vehicle drivers have ceased to ply these roads due to their deplorable state and the level of damage it causes to their vehicles. For this reason, motorcycles (okada) have remained the only source of transport which is also a factor in the many robbery activities in the assembly.

These and many challenges the people of Samreboi in the West Amenfi District endured due to the dire state of their roads for all these years.

The youth of the area have called out to organize another demonstration to register their displeasures and distastefulness after being hoodwinked by the government.



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